Travertine Flooring Service

Marble flooring restoration in Brandon, FL

Get the best Travertine Flooring for your Property

 Travertine is an appealing and durable limestone created from mineral deposits from hot springs and caverns. It is marble-like with varying earth-tone colors that range from classic to neutral colors and offers warm-peculiar characteristics that make it fantastic for mansions, offices, and commercial spaces. It is widely used for building materials because of its agelessness, durability, versatility, and various different finishes to achieve the desired look for your home. It achieves different textures and feel – popular in a lot of communities and buildings across the world even the Roman Coliseum, and Care medieval castles.

At Al Spicer Stone Care, we understand how to take care of Travertine. We provide residential Travertine Polishing and Terrazzo Restoration for residential and commercial areas in Longboat Key, Bradenton, Tarpon Springs, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and other surrounding cities and counties in Florida (FL). Travertine as a flooring material is generally in modular units and comes in hues of tans, browns, rust, and beige. It is very robust and heavy. What is lovely with Travertine is that it has a naturally weathered look that immediately matches both casual and formal decorating designs. However, it is porous and not suitable in just about any location without doing Travertine Sealing and Polishing. With Travertine Polishing, it produces a glamorous look with luster and shiny reflective surface. Once polished, travertine becomes very easy to clean by just wiping it with a damp cloth. Travertine is a mid-range stone in terms of cost, but a good finishing technique and polishing by Al Spicer Stone Care and this immediately becomes fine stone. Whether you are from Tampa, Longboat Key, Bradenton, Tarpon Springs, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and other neighboring cities and counties in Florida (FL), contact us so we can assist you with your Travertine Polishing and Sealing or Restoration Services

Terrazzo Restoration

Al Spicer is adept in anything to do with Terrazzo Restoration. Does your terrazzo floor need polishing, buffing, or a complete Terrazzo Restoration? You have come to the right place. We at Al Spicer have worked with Terrazzo in most of our 40+ years in the industry taking care of natural stone surfaces. Natural stone has persisted since the Venetian era. Our process for terrazzo pouring incorporates a very careful, artful, and meticulous process where marble chips are placed into resin or cement matrix, wherein it creates a form of mosaic art. Our floor technicians at Al Spicer Stone Care are very knowledgeable regarding Terrazzo Flooring. If your Terrazzo needs Cleaning polishing or restoration, and you live in Tampa Bay area, Longboat Key, Bradenton, Tarpon Springs, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and other nearby cities and counties in Florida (FL), call us and we will plan for a site review and prepare a proposal

After finishing/restoration we can formulate a filler for any pits that will appear with instructions to fill them. Routine cleaning is essential to keep grit from wearing the shine off. Tack rags and blue dust mop at Home Depot is an excellent investment to preserve your investment.
Remove soil and spills with microfiber or cotton towel using Misty Blue. Keep spills off the floor Be careful with your beautiful floors, keep them clean and never use soft water or tap water unless it’s salt-free and ultra-pure, this will prevent salt water pitting/damage and build-up of harmful minerals that can scratch/damage your floor, ultimately causing dullness and preventable maintenance requests.