Remove soil and spills with microfiber or cotton towel using Misty Blue. Keep spills off the floor Be careful with your beautiful floors, keep them clean and never use soft water or tap water unless it’s salt-free and ultra-pure, this will prevent salt water pitting/damage and build-up of harmful minerals that can scratch/damage your floor, ultimately causing dullness and preventable maintenance requests.

After finishing/restoration we can formulate a filler for any pits that will appear with instructions to fill them. Routine cleaning is essential to keep grit from wearing the shine off. Tack rags and blue dust mop at Home Depot is an excellent investment to preserve your investment.

Get your flooring restoration with us. We at Al Spicer Stone Care guarantee that we only use the highest quality natural stone materials. We are licensed and insured flooring contractors who will take care of your stone flooring. Contact us now and have a flooring contractor inspect and quote on your property.