Floor Assessment and Consultation

Floor Removal Services in Tampa

AL Services

Services provided by a professional flooring company specializing in terrazzo, marble, travertine, and concrete refinishing and restoration. Here's a detailed list that encompasses a wide range of services Al Services of Tampa Bay typically offers:

Floor Assessment and Consultation:

  • Initial inspection and evaluation of the existing floors
  • Recommendations for restoration or refinishing

Floor Removal Services:

  • Removal of existing flooring (carpet, vinyl, stick-down, glue-down, wood, tiles)
  • Specialized removal of tack strips and adhesives
  • Proper disposal of old flooring materials

Floor Preparation:

  • Surface preparation for restoration or new flooring installation
  • Cleaning and leveling the substrate
  • Repairing cracks and chips before refinishing

Grinding and Honing:

  • Diamond grinding to remove surface imperfections
  • Honing to achieve a smooth and even surface

Diamond Refinishing:

  • Diamond abrasive techniques to restore the original shine or better than expected.

Stain Removal and Treatment:

  • Poulticing for deep-set stain removal that cannot be treated with regular restoration
  • Bleachable stain remover treatments
  • Oil stain removal specifically for terrazzo and concrete surfaces

Re-grouting and Filling:

  • Re-grouting to renew joint appearance
  • Refilling of pits and cracks

Hardening and Densifying:

  • Application of hardeners to increase surface density and durability
  • Densifying treatments for concrete to reduce porosity


  • Applying sealers to protect the floor from stains and spills
  • Ensuring the sealer is appropriate for the specific stone type

Polishing and Crystallizing:

  • Mechanical polishing to achieve the desired level of shine
  • Crystallization process for marble and terrazzo for a glossy finish

Quality Verification:

  • Post-service inspections to ensure the quality of work
  • Performance tests to verify the durability of the finish

Exclusive Matching Service for Repairs:

  • Color and material matching for minor and major repairs
  • Sourcing the right materials for seamless repair work

Restoration and Resurfacing:

  • Full restoration services to bring floors back to their original condition
  • Resurfacing worn or damaged areas

Customized Treatments:

  • Special treatments as per the specific requirements of the stone type
  • Custom solutions for unique or challenging floor conditions

Specialized Removal Services:

  • Professional removal of all types of flooring over terrazzo or concrete
  • Ensuring the structural integrity of the underlying surface

Maintenance and Aftercare:

  • Guidance on proper maintenance to prolong the life of the floor
  • Periodic maintenance services to maintain the floor's appearance

Additional Services:

  • Slip resistance treatments
  • Color enhancing or staining of concrete surfaces
  • Surface texturing for added traction and decorative finishes

Remember, it is crucial to find a flooring specialist with experience and a good reputation to handle these services, as improper techniques can lead to damage to the floors. Always ensure that the professionals you hire are licensed, insured, and have references or a portfolio of their previous work.